Hello! I haven’t been around awhile and probably for the next six months because if you don’t know yet— I am engaged and I have 6 months till my wedding day! 💍

Home life is crazy too. I live with my parents and help babysit my nephew when my sister works. I also workout regularly and try to fit all of that in. And I usually do!

Lately, I have been reading only a few pages and my needy nephew wants to play every minute of everyday. He is just a kid and I love when we play but I want to read too.

So this isn’t about complaining about anything just updating where I am at. I am STILL reading Gilded Wolves and ugh I wish I was done so I can review it. But I may just put it down and read something else. I don’t know (insert emoji that pulls out her hair).

Besides, the wedding and not reading, my birthday is Thursday, February 21! Woot! I asked for a professional massage and a movie and frozen yogurt. Too much? I live in Michigan and every year before or on my Birthday a blizzard 🌨 gives us a big whooping of white dust (snow). Even when I was younger this would happen! After I was born there was a 🌨 blizzard. I am perfect storm! Hehehe. So I want to so something special. ❤️

Then, in March my parents are taking a vacay to Florida. I will be working. Hopefully, in March the snow melts a little a spring starts bringing those flowers and decent weather so I can go outside( I still leave the house).

I wanted an opinion from all my followers who follow me here.

Would you want to see my wedding decorations. Supplies and then together? I can totally do that if you want to see that! I will probably post pictures from our honeymoon when I come back. But only if you want me too!

Please comment below your opinion! I would love to hear from you!




Journaling: who you were meant to be ❤️

Today is going to be a different type of post today. For Christmas, I got a Journey Journal that I asked for! And I been longing to write in it and today just went for it.

I really love this journal. I just started to write in this journal today and it makes me feel so good about myself and how others positively see me.

I love the introduction! Sneak Peek! Yes, Please!

So, I started with the Destination Journey questions and then after you are done with that one it tells you what page to go too.

So, below is the first question on the First page. It asked to list what I wanted to be a child. To retreat back to your childhood. I loved playing school and I was the teacher and I was always so serious about being the teacher. I literally made my cousin and sister do math, read and write. They HATED it. I LOVED it. So after answer it says to turn to page 11.

I bring this topic up because I been to college right out of high school and could totally have my associates in Animation. In 2015 decided to take a year off, 3 quarters off, which I regret it now. Everyone told me that too but I insisted that I wouldn’t be the person to NOT go back.

In mid-2016, I tried applying back and they had to inform me that my major program was cancelled because not enough of people were entering into the program, so they had to get rid of it.

I had 5 classes to go and probably get it done in 3 quarters but I couldn’t because NO PROGRAM. NO DEGREE. So, I kept on working and now considering going back, I don’t know what I really want to do because this time I WILL be actually PAYING for it with my OWN money.

I am trying to figure out what my purpose in life is and technically it’s to help people. I love helping people or being a mentor. I love telling people or showing people ways to improve their life, whatever that might be. Even if it’s lifestyle or helping find a 📖 book. I like that connection. But knowing that there is a MILLION careers that have that sense of giving and connection to each person.

Furthermore, the next question was to ask 3 people that I know: friends, family or coworkers and ask them what they think I am good at and what they think my “calling” might be?

I asked a lot of people; only 4 answered. Only 3 answers were valid. One was just about me being beautiful( from my Fiancé because he is being goofy and hilarious but also means what he said). His doesn’t count.

And I found that they all seem to be about helping people in some way. Health, teaching or a Elementary school Librarian. They are all so good.

Exploring this:

I am soft-spoken and have a hard time with being assertive with problem people. I am more likely to try an solve problem where we all get our way. And sometimes that’s not possible in some cases.

I am great with reading out loud and creating art and encouraging to do what you want! It doesn’t matter as long as you love it!

I am pretty calm and introverted. And the misconception of introverts hate people. It’s not that way at all. Extroverts can hate people too!

Introverts tend to be quieter and think more before they do and rather stay out of the spot light. They tend to be kinder and more for the people and I am not saying that Extroverts are not but usually they tend to be more about the spotlight and hosting and energized by crowds. Introverts tend to be shy more and not all people are shy.

I am a moody person and go by my energy and how I am feeling. So something that can let me be me but still have some time for me and taking some time for me.

I still haven’t figured out what I wanna do but here is a list:

  1. Blogger/writer
  2. Art Therapist/Hospice
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Elementary School Librarian

❤️Have you found your career? Do you need help? What is your purpose in life? Maybe you need some reflection on yourself?📖

Do you wanna buy this book/journal?

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I hope you enjoyed something different on my blog today and maybe learned something about me.

Happy reading! 📖❤️ See you next time!

Clive Barker’s The Thief of Always

Have you ever had a day or days where you are just laying around bored out of your mind? And your parents tell you to clean your room and you cry out in distaste thinking or having a tantrum that this is not FUN! So you sit there thinking I am not doing that!

Okay, Listen y’all! This is my first ever Clive barker Book and it’s a Children’s book! So, What! This was a recommendation from @kellyunlocked (Instagram). I was so excited to start this book! It sounded interesting! The blurb was short and sweet and DARED you to dream and crack this book open and find out the weird things Harvey gets himself in.

“In this house of a thousand wishes, everything Harvey ever dreamed of is now real. So are some of his nightmares.”

The book is wondrously eerie, and strange. A normal kid on a normal Grey February bored — like most kids — can’t stand it anymore. Then, a strange man —real or illusion — asks Harvey if he would love to go visit the Holiday house. Harvey questions that he can’t but the guy doesn’t convince just tells him that this is the one time. So Harvey agrees. The strange man tells Harvey to watch for him. Harvey watches for about two weeks and almost gives up. Harvey goes with the strange man to a wall on the other side of the city to find a well rounded house with perfect weather. He was delighted. Food covered the table for a prince. Anything you wanted was what you got.

Later on, Harvey started to feel eerie about what was going on the house. Strange things were happening. The weather changed every other day. Whatever you wished you got. His friend started acting weird. You could change into whatever you desired with the Magic provided by this “Hood” guy that controlled the place. It started to not settle well.

Harvey’s friend, Wendell wanted to go home because it wasn’t as fun anymore. They were both homesick. They couldn’t leave out of the mist wall. So, Harvey decides to battle this “hood” thing.

Okay! I don’t want to spoil it for you! It gets pretty messy after he starts fighting the thing.

I loved this book so much! I wasn’t expecting the story either! It does have a moral to the story: Cherish the time you have because you will never be able to get that time back by wasting it doing nothing. Obviously, the story is way cooler and he makes it super strange but it’s an AWESOME story! A great one that kids should READ!

I give this book 5 stars out of 5 stars! I loved the creepiness but the moral really got to me because at one point in our childhood life we felt bored at one point. Gratefully, I never really was bored( always had a book to read).

And I wanted to bring that up because I always see adults saying they are bored! Or they’re just sitting around doing nothing! Their is always something to do! Read, clean, organize, learn something new, personal growth, workout, watch a movie, do crafts, hang out with a friend, go sledding, make a fort and the list can go on! To use up your time wisely because you can never get your time back from doing nothing. It’s just a phenomenal lesson in the book and I definitely recommend this book to anyone.

I am so happy that I got to read this book! Thank you @kellyunlocked on Instagram for recommending it. It’s her all time favorite. You should definitely go follow here there on Instagram — click on her name— she is an amazing person to get to know!


 To buy the book click here! I am an amazon affiliate so whatever you buy I get apart of!

I hope you enjoyed the review today! I am starting Gilded Wolves! And it’s negative 40 degrees outside! Stay warm! ❄️ Go to warm centers! My library is one of them! See ya next time! Have a good week! Curl up with a good book! 📖

Love ❤️ Jess ❤️

White Stag by Kara Barbieri Review

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Oh my Gosh! 😱 I finished and this book! Finally! I know this has to have a second book because it says so in the ending.😱

White 🦌Stag is a Young Adult, Dark Fantasy/ Fantasy Debut that is also featured on Wattpad under Pandean. What?! Yes way!

White stag is about a young girl, Janneka who in the human world was raised for the male-heir in her family. Trained as a male; hunted and never did female chores. One day, her village was burned to the ground and the only survivor and captured by the evil, malicious Lydian and then sent to work for his nephew Soren(Soren is good 😊).

She was sent to Soren because Lydian hit and raped and couldn’t get her to be good. She was human 👩🏼in a goblin 🧝🏻‍♂️ world and Soren took care of her as a thrall better then a thrall, really. It was almost like they were dating. 💕

Soren and Janneka are side by side at the Goblin Kings palace— Erkling— and and the king 🤴 dies unexpectedly and the hunt 🏹 for the Stag 🦌for the next throne.

Soren takes Janneka on a dangerous journey where she battles with herself in becoming into truths about her and Soren and huge battles with monsters and Goblins and weird Folks.

Okay, basically she was fitting the transformation in the beginning because she didn’t want to become a monster and the Soren tells her that everyone, even humans can be monsters to a certain point. I agree. Not everyone is a monster, though. So at some point the cheesy love 💕 for Soren really plummets and it’s the 🧀cheesy kind. But it sets the tone where it really defies Janneke in saving his life and him saving hers( I guess Goblins do go out of the way for love) so it is a turning point. For those two.

The dangerous battles throughout are nonstop 🛑 and you never miss a moment. There was little breaks but something was alway happening. Fighting a big worm 🐛 or under a water nymph spell getting out in a confused reverie. It’s just ALL GOOD.

Big battle scene at the end with a double plot twist?!

Now I have to wait for the second book 📚😛

“The end of the beginning”

Definitely recommend, if you like gore and very fantasy-based novels. Blood and burns and thank-goodness no detailed rape scenes but she has flashbacks from different scenarios but no actual details.


I hope you enjoyed this review! 📝

Next I am reading 📖 Clive Barker’s The thief of Always next!!!

Yay! Recommended by @plantifulpages on Instagram.

Happy 😃 Reading 📖! See ya til next time!

The Immortalist by Chloe Benjamin

“If you knew the date of your death, how would you live your life?”

Click on photo to purchase book from amazon!

Varya, Daniel, Klara and Simon Gold live in New York’s lower Eastside and it’s the turn of 1969. News about a traveling Psychic claims to tell you the day that you die. One day they sneak out to get their fortunes told. Then, from then on, the stories unravel each of the siblings life told from their points of views until they die, how it effects their life and thinking.

To some this may sound boring…but what really caught me was knowing your death day. What would you do and how would you feel about that?

I have mixed feelings about knowing when I would die. I might change or go on a whim and explore the world. But I keep thinking that I feel like it would still happen on the same day even if I don’t get to everything in life. Skeptical? 🧐I think that the four siblings lives still would of happened the same way even if they didn’t know their death date. Heck! Maybe it would of all happened differently. Simon still would of been gay. But being reckless cause his death?

Klara was a magician but she wasn’t an ordinary magician she didn’t want to trick people she wanted to show the audience real magic.

Daniel was caught up in catching the fortune teller who took advantage of them at a young age. He started believing that if it wasn’t for her his younger siblings wouldn’t of died. This and the belief lead this to his death.

And the eldest, holding onto all the bad stuff of not seeing Simon and her father passing at a young age became anorexic and a germ-phobic. Trying to control the outcome of her death.

Their was a point in her controlling everything that she knew that/avoided her brother Daniel’s death date and all the other siblings that cause her to control her eating and OCD(the feel things being clean).

“Our Language is our Strength”

A new force expects her to change and opens her eyes to what she is doing to her body and she learns pretty fast from it.

“To go back to the beginning.”

What she really believed was not to live forever, but to stop worrying.

“Thoughts have Wings”

The truth really set her free. She really let go and realized that she didn’t have to worry.

I feel that knowing your death date could go either way. It could be life-threatening, controlling or even just the thoughts you think! The thoughts you ingrain in your mind can give them wings and take off.

So, what do you think? I want to hear if you would want to hear about your death date? Would you go crazy knowing it? Would you go off on a whim? Tell me! I would ❤️ to hear about them all!

📚 I wanted to at the end mention that I am reading White Stag 🦌by Kara Barbieri. I am three fourths done with it and the book is good and a great escape book into a whole new fantasy 🧚🏼‍♀️world. Then, I got a stomach bug or something and didn’t read as hungrily because it was a horrible and painfulness in my stomach and my body ached and head hurt. It. Was. Horrible.

I will share it in my next review. 📝 This book is an ARC and is on Wattpad under Pandean. I haven’t read it on there.

❤️Happy Reading! 📖


Hey! It’s been a few weeks and I FINALLY finished the Immortalist by Chloe Benjamin and review will come soon! Just taking time off! I read The secret Garden as well…but I listened to that!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and got what they wanted for Christmas and cherished being with family and friends! I got so many stuff this year! No Books as gifts! YES! Okay, yes, I do love books but I have no space for books! I swear all the nooks and crannies are filled( and hubby doesn’t complain but I tell him I brought books and I admit that yes, We have no room— we live in our parents home at the moment— and we have to fit everything from out apartment into my old bedroom).

It’s crazy!

But I did get a Barnes and Nobles gift card. I usually don’t buy books with it. Usually I end up forgetting that the cafe doesn’t take a regular Starbucks Gift Card but they will take a B&N gift card and end up using that on coffee then on books. I mean I always go into B&N optimist about buying a NEW book and end up coming out saying ” I have too much to read at home”! Can ANYONE help me?! 😑 And my hubby hates that store ONLY because I walk around for two hours and don’t buy anything. So, help me,book god!

Sorry, off track for a second! I got a lot of socks and some T-shirts and a game I’ve been wanting. I didn’t get a lot this year and I am happy about that. Because what I said above! And I really don’t want much, more like I needed socks and clothes. And the game was a WANT.

I was getting at resolutions for the New Year! I have a few made up. I always know that I want to read more books 📚 in the New Year. I don’t just want to read more this year. I am also a health-nut and Fitness Junkie and I have a wedding coming up in 2019. I have a lot of stuff going on in this New Year coming up!

1. Read more books! I found out on my Goodreads says 89?(not sure) books but some were picture books and I guess those don’t count. So! I counted all the proper chapter books and Graphic Novels and came out to 73 📚! Not bad! I am lowering my goal because I did want to try 100 books for 2019 but I was feeling too Idealistic and with all the Wedding planning it might be more realistic to try 60 books.

2. With fitting all the reading in I try to do physical activity during the day too and that usually overpowers my reading. I can NEVER sit still. I would like to focus on losing body fat in 2019 and not worry about the scale and eating nutritional foods. Winter always gets me and activity outside is just not for me. Just too cold 🥶 for me.

3. I have been thinking about going back to school(college). I was in college for 3 years for Animation and they dropped my program and couldn’t go back because they don’t have my major. So, I was thinking a out doing something Practical and Idealistic ( ? Don’t know if that is the right word) but I love art 🖼 , writing📝— anything artistic. I was thinking about going back to school and get into Graphic Design.

4. This one is will have multiple focuses because I am not sure when they will happen. I want to write 📝 more because I want to write a 📖 book. I would like to move and get our own place 🏠 after 👫we marry 💍 in August.

These are HUGE things I think about almost daily and I want to keep working HARD and I keep getting distracted. Just a lot of things need to be done in 2019. Sometimes I feel like I am not working hard at all. I do just want an easy life but I need to work hard to live easy.

So, in saying that, I might have to delay blogging 📝 and reading 📖 in this upcoming year( I feel like not delay but not reading as much). So, I will try keeping update with blogging. Even if it’s just updating on my wedding or just daily life. So be it.

I want to write 📝up a TBR 📚of 2019 but do not want to disappoint my readers and myself. There is one book I do want to get my hands on and it is Finale by Stephanie Garber and I hope there is an advanced readers copy because I loved her other books in the series! For now, I am not.

Happy 📖 Reading! Enjoy the New Year! Be Safe and see ya in 2019! 🎉🎊

What are your resolutions for the New Year?! I would love to hear what everyone’s resolutions are!

The Winter People Review

Click image to purchase book!

Oh My Gosh! What a read! I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars!

It was a creepy and mysterious read and I actually flew by reading this! It was keeping me on edge the whole time and when I was reading it I noticed that it was so easy to believe you read a little bit then it turned into reading almost fifty pages! Oh, it was that good when you read more then fifty pages in a sitting and realized that I finished it!


Okay, first, let me tell you what the book is about!

The Blurb:

West Hall, Vermont, has always been a town of strange disappearances and old legends. The most mysterious is that of Sara Harrison Shea, who, in 1908, was found dead in the field behind her house just months after the tragic death of her daughter.

Now, in present day, nineteen-year-old Ruthie lives in Sara’s farmhouse with her mother, Alice, and her younger sister. Alice has always insisted that they live off the grid, a decision that has weighty consequences when Ruthie wakes up one morning to find that Alice has vanished. In her search for clues, she is startled to find a copy of Sara Harrison Shea’s diary hidden beneath the floorboards of her mother’s bedroom. As Ruthie gets sucked into the historical mystery, she discovers that she’s not the only person looking for someone that they’ve lost. But she may be the only one who can stop history from repeating itself.

❄️Well, it starts out with Sara in 1908 and her story with her husband; technically a back story.  Then it switches to Present day with Ruthie and her sister and mom, Alice. That is when things get interesting. First though; back story of Ruthie’s life. Then, Alice goes missing and it gets worse from there. Finding out family secrets. The story weaves from Past to Present giving more evidence to what is happening in the Present; not all of it though.

❄️When reading you are wondering what that “ghost” looks like and who it is? Why is it doing what it’s doing! It started getting predictable after you find out who kills little Gertie but it didn’t slow down my reading pace because there is another character Katherine, Gary, and Candice’s backstories you are wondering; how do they fit in there.

❄️Ruthie takes on the job of detective to find out where her mother disappeared too. Finding Candace is related to her and knows about Sara and supposedly related to her. And the Candace followed/knew where Ruthie and Fawn lived and took them as hostages in there house. Going further would give away the rest of the big things!

📖The book is about if you loved someone so much would you bring them back to see them just for one more day? Would you risk your life and others for something that is unknown; you’re not even sure who they would be?

👩‍👩‍👧It’s also about family secrets and finding your family and loving your own; even if they aren’t your real family.

❄️The life lesson is that missing someone even after they die hurts. It just sucks in general and you know what; we all die. There are other ways to steer your grieve and hurt but not with dark witchcraft. Others live by witchcraft and they always do that or something. Not me.

⭐️I thought it was a very intriguing book. I give it 4 out of 5 ⭐️.

📖Did you read this book? Tell me how you liked it? Didn’t like it? Why? Connect with me! If you haven’t, are you going to read it now?

Happy Reading! 📖Enjoy! 😊Be safe out there!

❄️Happy Holidays and 🎅🏼Merry Christmas! (If I don’t see ya in a week!)

Winter People Discussion – Part One

Today is the day of Part One of the discussion of The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon. I know its short, the post or some might not be reading the book. I am doing it anyways! Also, I am trying to finish The Immoralist still! Haha! It’s been months but it seems to be flowing where I left off. The Winter People is so GOOD and you should read that, which I will have a review of that when I am done too!

❄️Questions! Do you want me to fill mine in?

  1. What do you think of Sara’s relationship with her daughter, Gertie? Is it healthy?
  2. What or Who do you think replaced the fox pelt Martin nailed to the wall with a hank of Gertie’s hair?
  3. Do you think Sara’s claim that you can bring back the dead?
  4. Do you think Ruthie and Fawn’s mom disappeared too?
  5. Do you think Ruthie and Fawn’s parents had something to do with Thomas and Bridget O’Rourke’s disappearance?
  6. Do you think it is really Gertie in the closet?
  7. Do you think Gertie fell in the well or was killed?

Okay, if you are reading along, just answer the questions in the comments! I will tag Carissa’s Instagram here, if you want to see the other’s answers or to comment there, if you have an Instagram! The book is getting very good! Try to keep it spoiler-free if you read the whole book!

❄️Second Discussion is December 15, 2018! Cassie will be having the second half of the questions!!!

Happy Reading! 📖

Cannot wait to see some comments! 😊

Waypoint Book Review

To purchase, Click the photo!

My Review:


Honestly, It took me longer then anticipated to read Waypoint. It’s not a bad book, with the holiday, it was hard to sit down and read it. I gave this 4 stars because the story and and structure was very complete. You can tell that they really thought it out and outlined the book.

I don’t like when people compare bestseller books to other books lower then it but this one I have too. It’s not bad, but it could be, depending if you like any of the things and books I am comparing it too. So, here I go, hopefully I don’t slaughter this. When reading this book I got vibes of multiple books and things; one was Hunger Game vibes and Ready Player One vibes without the Virtual Reality becoming LIFE. There was VR but it was for gaming and Simon one of the main characters was a nerd who plays video games. He didn’t rely on the VR world to help him with the crushing world. He used it more for communication; that’s it. And other things like watching tv.

Also, the third thing was the gaming system seemed to me almost like a concept of Pokemon Go. It was a gauntlet you wear on your arm and you are supposed to walk to gain cool equipment; expensive gear that you unlock but this too can be crossed over into Ready Player One( I won’t spoil it) if you read or seen it. ( Disclaimer: I didn’t read the whole Player One book because it got boring but seem the movie which was totally different). But it’s the same concept; take care of your health you can play.

Okay, the book was very plot and Character driven. The whole book was about saving the planet from the power outage between four Teen characters; Simon, West, Riya and Alex. Riya and Alex are secondary characters who you meet on their way to DC to find Waypoint to save the world from a permanent power outage. Throughout the adventure it jumps from the four characters points of view of their adventure to give you that character driven perspective and emotion. They dab romance between both West, Simon and the girls and I will tell you it does get cheesy but isn’t that what Teen romance is about? Butterflies flutter and emotionally-blind-hormone-love to suck you in to forget about what your mission was too do? They use the love as a motive to kind of blindside you with other twists and turns — I mean A LOT of conflict— that started getting annoying but if it wasn’t there then what would the story be? Some of the romance scenes were steamy! Not going to lie! 🤷‍♀️

I liked the book. It wasn’t as good as I hoped. I gave the book four stars because the structure of story was great and the characters were all easy to get along with and relatable. It went down because the same conflict always happened—it was predictable and same with the romance. The book was slow moving but I really favored West’ side of the story because they were cute and I like nature and hiking. They were my favorite. ❤️ West and Alex.

The ending is a CLIFFHANGER guys! Ugh, they got me, now I MIGHT have to read the second one. Maybe. I was getting bored with it by the end it was getting good and I want to know what HAPPENS. It was getting predictable that they were cliffhanging us–they meaning authors.

Disclaimer: If parents are reading this for their tween kids, there is swearing and sexual suggestions but nothing too erotic but flirting to the point where there is a scene that they are touching inappropriately but nothing explicit. Very PG-13 or 17?! Also, the people who don’t like blood, there is a few scenes of blood and knifes/guns(violence). It is an adventure to save the world!

Watch out for this whole week!

To enter the giveaway click on the picture below!

Until then, Enjoy the ride! Hopefully, It’s something that you would like!


Jess ❤️

The winter People read-along

Hey! Tomorrow is my review day for the Waypoint Blog Tour! The book is waypoint by Deborah Adams and Kimberly Perkins. Check it out tomorrow! Check back here!

Today’s post will be a tag along that is happening with Holo.reader and carissa.reads on Instagram, if you have an Instagram go follow them!

The winter people by Jennifer McMahon os the book chosen. These are set goals; don’t worry if you don’t meet them.

The schedule is:

❄️December 1st

❄️December 8th is first discussion

❄️December 15 is final discussion

Try and join us here where the rules are! They are doing group chat. I will try and host the read along here on my blog in the comments. So, make sure you are following me to get emails from me and to stay updated. Hashtag used in Instagram is #winterpeoplereadalong

Cannot wait! Happy Reading! 📖