Update and Countdown

Good Morning! Good Afternoon!

It’s been a few weeks and thought that it was time to write a post. How is everyone? Me? Well…

Nine days till the wedding! I am so Excited and so NERVOUS! The only things are that need to be done are things that need to wait till the last minute. Ordering the food on Sunday. Salad probably on Thursday. Rehearsal on Friday! Dress alterations are paid for. Picking up Saturday. Decor is all painted and just waiting to be set in place for the big day. I keep imagining me walking down the aisle, looking ahead right at Justin. When we join hands and say our “I do’s” and vows and then the that kiss that everyone gets to witness. I imagine it glowing, white on that day. It may be just cliche but it helps me calm down a little and that Justin will be at the end and I will feel happy and not as nervous. I am hoping that things will go without problems but I decided that yea, if it doesn’t just go-with-it philosophy. I am ready to marry my best friend. 9 more days and I will be married to him! I am so thankful for everything that his and my family have done! I cannot wait to share this day with you! Then, after all that I hope I get some beautiful photos of the smoky mountains. An exciting adventure is beginning.

Left is me, Sis is right
Left; Becca( Justin’s Cousin), me and Sis

On another note, last Saturday was my bachelorette party!  We went to a wine tasting and got buzzed off some wine…which I bought a bottle of wine because it was so good! Vino Mojito; Michigan made wine near where I live. A limited time supply too! Whenever it’s gone, it’s gone(she said it would come back in the Spring). It was a white, light and sweet wine. It tasted like a mojito with that hint of mint. The other one I really liked too was Black Berry and it was full bodied, red wine that was a mid-sweet wine. The blackberries made it not so sweet but was still sweet not dry. Then…. I became a winer club member! That was a great time at the winery. Then, we were off to our reserved dinner party at a Mexican restaurant called Tio Giordos. I tried a strawberry margarita on ice, I guess. It was okay. I did get a Blueberry Mojito after that though. I was drunk after that and started looking like a laughing matter. I am just kidding I was fun and good! I had their Shrimp tacos which were super spicy! Loved them though! Then, my friends got me a gift and I knew what it was; just knew and was so nervous to open them. It was a gag gift, and some lingerie. My friend, Samantha baked me some penis cookies. Those were delicious. After about two hours it was 8 o’clock. My fiance, Justin was having a bonfire and everyone was invited. So, after 9, we went to the bonfire and I stayed the night. I was sober by the time I went to bed and really tired from the long day! I had so much fun and I am glad I got to spend it with my friends and family. (I rode a 4 wheeler that night too for the first time. It was so fun!). That day was a memorable one at that.

After a some wine and a margarita

Me with a penis cookie
Left; Amanda, Becca, Samantha,Marissa, Mallarie, my mom and Breezy then me up front

Four days till College starts! They are having some fun on the campus with some free food! Yes! I am attending to get FREE food. They are doing different activities for the whole first week college starts. I only go two days out of the week but I want to go to sample the food that is FREE! Yes, I am a foodie, guys. I got most of my tuition paid off by getting a scholarship fund! Woo! I have to pay fifteen dollars and this one kit that is eighty-three dollars. I am so eager to start. I email my adviser daily on why I can’t access the online discussion classroom. I can’t until Monday. I thought maybe because I didn’t pay off tuition it didn’t recognize me until it was paid off. Just eager to get started.

A little update on reading. I finished the Sabrina book and haven’t written a review yet. Maybe today? I don’t know. I started reading Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey which is published and ready to buy! Almost finished reading it. It’s fantasy and supposed to be mystery but it seems more like detective have self-esteem issues and falling in love— authors do this to mysteries all the time. Ugh. I don’t mind it but very cliche. I was hoping fast paced mystery/magic. Nope. None of that. I am reading it through because one, I really love the magic and the chemistry the detective has with this guy but also am not okay with her for lying. I have a feeling this guy did it or her sister. Or the one who got murdered did it herself. Something is missing. They have some suspects and this one student is being targeted. Maybe it is her with her aggressiveness. So, I am reading to know the ending.

I have to finish Witchy the comic on my tablet. I have two ARC’s on there too. The Whisper Man and Imaginary Friend. I don’t know which one I am going to pick next. I also picked up The Perfect Wife by J.P. Delaney. I don’t have any others at this moment. Happy reading and hopefully a review soon-ish.



Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Season of the Witch – Inspired by the Netflix Series

This novel was inspired by the Netflix series. Please don’t go in thinking it will be like the show. It’s not. A lot of things are different. Yes, she still becomes a witch but there are scenes in there that are not in the show. I don’t know about the comics.

The book was enjoyable. I really liked it. It still had the feel of the show with different quirks that you would say “She wouldn’t do that”! This is a teen book but who cares if you are an adult and want to read it?! Do it!

This is going to be short because there isn’t much I want to say about it. It was short and spooky and cute. It will satisfy your craving for Sabrina— which I was having. I love the freaking show!

I think I gave 3 stars out of 5.

*I am reading the graphic novel and compared to them all they are all different. Have the same spooky feel but books and movies are always different and everyone envisions it different. What she looked like to Harvey. It is what it is. I still love the show anyways*

**Only because were on Halloween-y stuff. I am getting Fall vibes where I want it too be crisp and red leaves falling. Sweaters and Apple Cider. Sitting by a fire; reading. Here in Michigan Fall doesn’t seem to stay long but slips right into Winter real quick which makes me cherish Fall here in Michigan. I love the red leaves Hot Cocoa/Coffee. Taking long walks in the changing trees. I really love when you can cuddle and watch scary movies. I am really craving to watch Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown. And I am ready for a scary book  to just sit and read. Especially have apples with this caramel dip I make…mhhmmm. And soups. Yummy. This year I can/want to make my Acorn Squash soup**

Maybe this year I will have to see if I can get pictures of our Downtown because it’s so pretty. They have Edison lights hanging across the street all year-round. I am having nostalgia about having my own home and making it cozy and making all this food and having people over and just enjoying everyone. I just want my own place because it host parties and making my food and decorating the living rooms for Fall. Cozy.

Okay. I am done. Not really. I am still thinking about it. Sorry for babbling on…Is anyone else love Fall? Or have nostalgia for Fall and all it’s warmth and apples and Halloween? Movies, food and Coziness? I want to be surrounded my colorful trees. Fall and Summer are my favorite seasons.

Tell me something you really love about the changing season of Fall? From Childhood? Any activities you do just during Fall? Please comment below! I would love to hear all the enticing stories that plague everyone’s head. 

Happy Reading!

***Just wanted to say every time Fall comes up I always think of when I went back to school. Orange, yellow, red leaves littering the sidewalk and two girls walking home from school. Then, I always see a railroad track. Blurs of scenes for Hocus Pocus and maybe something from a passage I read in High school? Very Nostalgic.***

Okay, Happy Reading! See you soon!


WWW Wednesday – July 31, 2019

WWW is hosted by Taking on a world of words. It’s a meme that takes place every Wednesday where the posters discuss 3 w’s:

1. What are you currently reading?

2. What did you recently finish?

3. What do you think you’ll read next?

I follow howling libraries who also follows this meme and gave me the idea. Give her a follow! Why not!?

So, here it is.

Before we get started, I would like to announce that I have 23 days til our wedding! 😱

It doesn’t feel like it. I am getting last minute things together, but here I am writing about books, hopefully I get to the books I want to read next but probably not in a timely manner. I apologize in advanced and hope you understand. I will be a wife and want to have some adventures. I will be bring a book or two on my honeymoon but we do have plans to travel on our honeymoon. We will see how focused I am to read.

Maybe, just maybe, I will take lots of pictures and write a post. 🤷‍♀️❤️ Share my experience. We will see because I have to jump right into school and may be busy. Be patient. ❤️

  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Archie Graphic Novel, library book)
  • 500 Diverse Books (Parenting reference, library book)
  • Chilling Adventures: Season of the Witch Chapter book (young adult, new library book)

I have been currently reading the Sabrina books for awhile now. I will soon finish it. The 500 diverse book; I was just looking through at the lists for different, diverse and controversial books for young adults & tweens.

  • Grace year (ARC, physical, reviewed)
  • I wish you all the best ( Library book, reviewed)

Two books that are very different but talk about situations that need to be talked about in this new age. Parents and elders alike having different viewpoints especially about the Gay community and young girls needing to empower each other not beat each other. They were books good reads. Check them out! Links to my reviews next to the book.

  • The Whisper Man (ARC, digital)
  • Magic for Liars (ARC, physical)
  • The Furies (ARC, physical)
  • Imaginary Friend (ARC, digital)
  • Infinity (Teen, library book)

This is a hefty list for me; most are ARCs and I will go by mood when picking what to read next. I seen everyone had Whisper Man and needed it in my hands, too. Magic for liars is published now. I still have the ARC. The Furies seem interesting; a bit witchy. ( Do you see a theme here?!)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Give me a comment or a like!

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Keep on Reading!

Blog Anniversary and Update 😱👽

Hi y’all!

Currently I am busy with two things!

1. Getting ready for the wedding! And if you wanted to know is exactly 30 days!!! 😱😱😱 Monday I have to try on my dress and see if things are going well. This Sunday I am going to do another test round on my hair. The biggest things are the arch that needs to get done, pay for the rest of the hall, pastor and DJ. Setting up the day before the wedding. Finish our Thank you cards then print them. Finish signs for the wedding. Pack for the honeymoon. Pack for essentials for the big day. Call all the people who haven’t RSVP’d.

I painted these and used in my invites and other stuff

While this happens, I thrown myself into going back to college, which starts 4 days before my wedding day. I go on Monday and Wednesday but it will be overwhelming, I think. But honestly, I am more nervous for the actual classes because the last time I was in college was in 2015 and I am going into the same area of art but more of Graphic Design which is different then full-on animation. It will be a great reminder and refresher. Graphic design has pushed me forward into learning Illustrator and I am so thrilled because I wanted to learn.

Yesterday, I checked out the school library, where my classes are going to be. I already know classes are going to be fun as heck. The rooms and the MAC computers where we will come together and through ideas at each other and work as a team. I want to work in this creative atmosphere. This will be my Graphic Design 1 class. It’s a small classroom with MACs and a table at the front. Super sleek and modern. A cutting table at the back to the right corner. I keep imagining being in an awesome magazine studio and being the graphic designer and layout the pages or book companies where I would design book covers.

Tattoo I designed

I am super excited! I was on campus for a good two hours. Reference helped me figure out some good resources that I hope I could use. I looked at an old edition of a textbook I need. Still very helpful stuff in it. I am so unbelievably nervous and excited beyond nerves. 👽😱

Transporting to next topic 👽


I realized today was past my one year blog start up date! Wohoo! I have a good chunk of blog posts and they got longer since. I think it’s better then saying a few words. I wanted to mention that I do have about 21 followers and that may not be all. I know so coworkers and friends who read it from my other social media who are not subscribed.

Space bookmark I designed

I am so grateful for all of you!

I would like to do a giveaway but I do not know when. I was thinking of a giveaway 📚where I design something of your choice.

I will do a poll and I will find out. Would love to hear from you.

*I do not have a lot of designs in bookmarks or postcards yet but I would love to do more. I think as a giveaway that this sill help promote my designs and YOU get a bookmark. Or maybe you would like something I drew on a bookmark.*

SERIOUSLY! Please don’t hesitate to comment!

Love you all! 💕Enjoy reading and see you till next time!!!🌈📚

I wish you all the best by Mason Deaver

Hello bookish people!

I gave four stars ⭐️ because the romance 💕 tension was good. The cover art is amazing and they look really cute but the book is an inside look of the queer community and teens. How not being yourself; the anxiety and depression crippling you to worry about how everyone will perceive you. I have had depression but not about my identity but anxiety and depression can really pull you down if you let it control you.

That is Ben.

The book really is mostly the day-in-the-life of Ben. His crippling anxiety— which can be so severe that not moving and eating for a month can happen.


Oh, this happy and hopeful boy. Ben’s support and safety. The tension of lust really pulls in this book and it really makes you wonder. The reason I kept going.

This book would be great for teens that are having trouble with their sexuality. It really opened my eyes to the thoughts of what non-binary means and the self-worry about how you will look to people. It makes it a whole lot better when you have a support system of friends, meeting with others like you and talking openly about it.

Yes, a lot of people still don’t get it but their is more people open to who they are then not. Embrace yourself. Be you! Make yourself happy!

⭐️And did I mention Ben is a fantastic artist and their school let them use the art room whenever?! It would be a dream. I really wanted to “Eeekkk” about that.⭐️

What are your thoughts of Sexuality? I am straight woman.

Happy 😃 Reading 📖 Bookworms!

See until next time!

The Grace Year Review

“A rat in a maze is free to go anywhere as long as it stays in the maze.”

-Margaret Atwood, Handmaid’s Tale

“Maybe there is a beast… Maybe it’s only us.”

– William Golding, Lord of the Flies

To start off, yes, the book does say and everyone else say that the book is like the classics; Handmaid’s tale and Lord of the Flies.

***There is swearing, blood and violence. No explicit sexual scenes to all the wary parents who are unsure for their daughters to read. Let them! Empower them!***

The Grace year is about girls in there 16th year who bled are held in a veiling ceremony to an unknown man that will veil them. After that then they are sent to an encampment to get rid of their magic— that supposedly lures men in.

“You’re eyes are wide open, but you see nothing.”

This is where the action starts and where people say it’s like Lord of the flies. All girls are locked up together and fight for their lives. Scary things happen to all the girls.

I picked this up because of the words Magic and dark. Read the summary before just reading because of the classic titles splayed across the book. I still recommend because the plot.

The whole thing is about women sticking together, not tearing is apart. A lot of women do that today to each other. We have the strength, a voice and we have the same blood all the same as men. We are capable and equal as men is the read between the lines.

🌻🌻🌻🌻/5 sunflowers

Enjoy your summer! Read on my friends!

Try-a-Chapter Challenge #1 – Mystery/Thriller/Horror

Hey everyone! Hope all is good! I seen a challenge going on and thought that would be a cool break on my blog, when I only post reviews, to something cool like a challenge about books!! I thought it was pretty cool!

I set out a poll on Twitter and Instagram and got more on Twitter then Insta; so we are going with the twitter poll even though I got 2 votes on the same genre that won on Twitter! So either way I would be following all my followers’ heart’s desire! ❤️

Here is the poll. Didn’t get a chance to save Insta’s poll. 😔

The challenge is you pick a theme or you could change it too what I did— technically genre— do a poll if you want or not. Once you find the theme/genre or whatever you change it too, the next step is to:

  1. Choose 5 books in that category( Use library books if you don’t own them).
  2. Read the first chapter of all 5 books(I am not picking 5 of each; 1 or 2.)
  3. Choose the “winner” book— the one you will read till completion first
  4. Share your opinions/choices of each book.

Try-a-Chapter Challenge #1: Mystery/Thriller/ Horror

1. Intensity by Dean Koontz (Horror)

2. In a dark, dark wood by Ruth Ware (Mystery)

3. The last time I lied by Riley Sager(Thriller)

Intensity by Dean Koontz

It was very descriptive and left wondering where the flashback will lead. Her and a friend driving as fast as a nascar driver they debate over their driving habits and then they halt to a slow crawl. The one friend either had a flashback that may lead to something that happens later on?!

It left me wondering “What the hell!?” What parent makes their child watch them kill someone?! I was intrigued where this was leading too.

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

A foreshadow of someone in the woods running.

I had this book as an Advanced Readers Copy and never got to finish. It gives me vibes of Clue. I need to finish this one.

The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager

Starts with a fuzzy delirium of her location. Slowly, steadily her thoughts become anxious thoughts and why the camp is so quiet; where is everyone? Why is no one coming to the rescue? She knows three girls are gone missing. Again, how, why does she know this?

That was how the beginning began, to be honest, I feel like whoever this girl is did it or was there when it happened. This one was the one that got my heart beating a little.

I decided to not pick any of them. They didn’t really peak my interest as of now but Sager has been on my list forever and his first book was slasher-film-worthy. This is summer camp gone wrong?

Sorry to do this to you but I chose not to pick any.

I know I am supposed to pick to keep reading but I am going to start reading The Grace Year by Kim Liggett.

I am intrigued by what happens to them and the whole community. The first few pages I read; the women/girls had barely any rights. They were sent for a meeting for the day no one talks about. I am excited for this one.

Happy Reading! What are you up to? Reading? Yoga? Vacation plans?